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Tags: Clean Inbox, cyber crime, Disconnect, email stress, email subject line, Norton, Ransomware A couple of weeks or ago I had the pleasure and honour of running a Brilliant Email Management workshop for over one hundred NHS PAs at the NHS PAs for Excellence Wales conference. Is it professional and business like without being cold and distant? Email best practice for subject lines includes trying to say it in the subject line. This weeks tips and hints will focus on writing brilliant eye catching email subject lines. You can always either come on one of our Brilliant Email Master Classes or buy the book.Here are their top tips for reducing email overload and using excellent email etiquette to save time. Will it help you stop email overload and reach inbox zero or drive up the email traffic in your inbox? Does the subject-line reflect the content of the email and if action is required, by when? Meanwhile I’d love to hear from you what annoys you about how people write their subject lines and what tips can you offer to help them.

That’s why it’s important to have a go-to strategy that will ensure you’re making the best possible first impression when you do decide to reach out to someone you’ve connected with online.

Daters should never be afraid to be unique and creative when it comes to online dating and the ways they choose to reach out to their matches.

It’s good to focus on creating a personalized message that holds just enough intrigue to spark their interest and warrant a response.

Technology is a great source of help over the Christmas period, for example shopping on-line, e-cards, looking up how to cook the turkey etc. However there is room for improvement – go back and read Part 3 of Brilliant Email. You are on your way to writing brilliant emails which should be read (and, as appropriate, dealt with) promptly.

However, there is a downside too, smart devices entice us to stay connected to the office even over the Christmas period when let’s face it many organisations are effectively shut for business. Does the email explain clearly what the recipient needs to do next? Don’t be surprised if there is either no response from the recipient or they fail to notice your email. For more help with your email etiquette either read by Monica Seeley.

Meanwhile, cyber-crime is not only increasing but taking on different forms. Have you used a consistent business-like font and colour? Alternatively, come to one of our Brilliant Email Master Classes.

Rather like flu you find a vaccination for one strain and along comes another. The hackers tease you into downloading malware which locks down all your files. Here is an excellent article from Norton on dealing with Ransomware. Is it written in plain clear English and free of jargon and text-speak? For more information see either or contact Susan Oakes by email: [email protected] and phone: +44 (0)1202 43 43 40 Tags: email communications, email etiquette, email etiquette training, email sign off, email subject line The volume of email traffic is steadily growing despite those who think email is in decline.

Here are five tips to help you relax and reduce the risk of email stress and a cyber-attack to either you or your business. Have you stated the key facts at the start and separated each new topic/point? Many people now receive between 60 to 100 emails per day.

The key is to disconnect (from both emails and work social media feeds). How can you ensure that the recipient sees and deals with your email? Here is what constitutes poor email etiquette and will ensure your email sinks to the bottom of the other person’s inbox!

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