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Samples for radiocarbon dating received at the lab are immediately subjected to substantial quality control measures starting with verifying that the submittal documentation matches the actual samples received.

Redundant crosschecks are performed by multiple persons throughout the log-in, cataloging, pretreatment, chemical conversion, AMS loading and detection, data reduction, calculation, and reporting.

Every sample analyzed is viewed by at least seven persons prior to reporting results through different stages of the analysis.

Each person cross-checks the work and labeling of the previous person.

Each stage of the analysis has required quality control measures to ensure proper and accurate handling and analysis of the sample.

Calculation and reporting of results are performed using an in-house software with built-in multiple cross-checks for each result.A broad system of cross-checks comprises 300 pages of quality control commitment outlined in Beta Analytic’s ISO-17025 quality assurance documentation.Daily monitoring of instrumentation and chemical purity is also performed in addition to extensive computer cross-checks of statistical analyses and final age calculations.Sequential injection of Carbon-13 and Carbon-12 provides for measurement of Carbon-13/Carbon-12 ratio within the accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS), necessary for accurate total fractionation correction without relying upon relative measures and assumptions (something some older machines are limited to).Sequential injection of Carbon-14, Carbon-13, and Carbon-12 allow for calculation of age both using Carbon-14/Carbon-12 and Carbon-14/Carbon-13 ratios.Simultaneous accumulation of the Carbon-14/Carbon-12, Carbon-14/Carbon-13, and Carbon-13/ Carbon-12 ratios ensure ongoing quality control during the detection; the calculation of each provides three different measures to ensure isotope pathway is stable during the analysis.

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