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When I was a child, back in the Parenting Stone Age (a.k.a.

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The rule was very simple: They told you what to do, and you did it, because they said so. But looking back, you sure are glad you weren't the center of the family universe.

Your mom and dad paid more attention to one another than they paid to you. You were a satellite, orbiting around their solid presence.

They even told you, on occasion, that you were just a little fish in a big pond.

You didn't understand what that meant, of course, until you got out in the big pond and began to realize that putting oneself into proper perspective greatly improves one's life and the lives of those around him.

They bought you very little, so you appreciated everything you had. When your bike broke, you figured out how to fix it. In either case, you understood you weren't getting a new one, not any time soon.

You loved your mom and dad, but you left home as early as possible because you were absolutely certain you could make a better life for yourself than they were willing to make for you. Back then, elementary school classes often held more than 40 children, most of whom came to first grade not knowing their ABCs.

Back then, your mother didn't give you much, if any, help with your homework.

Yet at the end of first grade, and every subsequent grade in fact, those kids were outperforming today's kids in every subject, and today's moms think good moms help with homework.

Today's parents still pay the bills, buy the clothes, prepare the food, and so on, but by some strange twist, they treat their children as if they are the most important people in the family. When they talk to their children, they get down to their level, like they're petitioning the king, and they whine, as in, "Do you think you can stop what you're doing for a minute and help Mommy carry in the groceries?

" The rule seems very simple: Parents ask children to do things, and children take their requests under consideration.

Today's typical mom and dad pay a lot more attention to the children than they do to one another.

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