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To help you answer that question, this page outlines our living expenses for six months of RV travel in 2014, and it compares those costs to the costs we incurred during our first year of full-time RVing in 2007-08. To read it in sections, the following links skip further down: 1. If you are planning to work camp in exchange for an RV campsite, or if you will be working part-time jobs as you travel, or working via the internet from your RV, your choice of overnight parking spots may be based more on your job’s requirements than on the whims of your travel interests, and your camping costs and the kind of work you do will subsequently be tightly linked. However, if you are trying to make a small nest egg last to your dying day, and you are not even retirement age yet, you may be best off spending a portion of it to purchase your RV outright, rather than paying interest on a loan, and you will also be looking to save money on camping and overnight parking.

Some retirees have big pensions but not a lot of savings. Many younger full-time RVers work while they travel, either to cover all of their living expenses or to supplement other income streams.

Capital Costs & Depreciation People enjoy the full-time RV lifestyle on all kinds of budgets, and the money full-timers have to work with comes in all kinds of forms.

The bottom line, however, is that if you can afford your current lifestyle in a stick-built home, you will probably be able to afford a more mobile lifestyle in an RV.

Everyone has different priorities and lives differently, making budgeting a highly personal project.

Our use of budgeting apps has helped us get a handle on our expenses. We are not yet Social Security age, and we want to live this way for as long as possible, so we have been frugal in our choices, and we have adjusted to a simple life.

In my former corporate life, I hit Starbucks most mornings and ate dinner out almost every night.We owned and maintained two cars, and we each had significant commutes.Now we eat dinner out very infrequently, and we limit our coffee shop splurges. Where we used to have property taxes, utilities and HOA fees, we have none of those things in our RV lifestyle.All in all, we spend about 0 less per month in our RV than we did in our house.But that huge savings is entirely a function of what our old lifestyle used to be and what our current lifestyle is now.Other full-time RVers might not see those same savings.

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