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Case #: 5050078 - View this file at Nam Us#: UP# 116 Date of Death/Discovery: 01/12/2005 (Woods, 44000 block of US 19, Tarpon Springs, FL) Law Enforcement Agency: Tarpon Springs Police #05-142 Physical Description & Other Information: Adult white male skeletal remains found in a wooded area in Tarpon Springs. Petersburg Police #99-17169 Physical Description & Other Information: Adult black male who was witnessed to have jumped from the St. Estimated age between 21 – 35 years, estimated height 5’ 6”, and was wearing tan pants, brown belt, blue polo styled shirt, underwear, gray socks, and black dress shoes.

Estimated age between 35 – 60 years, estimated height 5’ 9”, and was wearing jean pants/shorts, white/grey knit type cap, remnants of a shirt, and brown/tan suede shoes. Case #: 99-0402 - View this file at Nam Us#: UP# 2301 Date of Death/Discovery: 04/2/1999 (St. Case #: 93-1447 - View this file at Nam Us#: UP# 2302 Date of Death/Discovery: 11/29/1993 (Gulf of Mexico, off of Clearwater near Jetty at 400 South Gulfview, Clearwater, FL) Law Enforcement Agency: Clearwater Police #81-23296 Physical Description & Other Information: Adult white male who was found floating in the Gulf, near Clearwater Pass.

Estimated age between 60 – 80 years, estimated height 5’ 4”, and was wearing blue boxers. Blue jeans, white t-shirt, white long sleeve thermal shirt, blue sweat shirt with “Nevada Las Vegas”, slippers, and a yellow metal Pulsar watch were found on the beach that appeared to belong to the decedent.

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Estimated age between 40 – 60 years, estimated height 6’, and was found wearing blue pants, red checkered shirt, and had a pocket knife in his pocket.

Case #: 90-0905 - View this file at Nam Us#: UP# 2308 Date of Death/Discovery: 07/16/1990 (Woods, 10 feet off Smith Road ¼ mile south of SR 54, Wesley Chapel, FL) Law Enforcement Agency: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office #90-23505 Physical Description & Other Information: Adult white male skeletal remains found in a field in a heavily wooded area in eastern Pasco County.

Estimated age between 40 – 65 years, estimated height 5’ 8”, and was wearing black pants, shirt, blue/gray/red suspenders, white socks, black shoes.

National Missing Unidentified Persons System is a searchable database created to assist in solving cases that involve unidentified human remains.

The system includes cases from throughout the United States and may be searched by demographics, physical characteristics, case numbers or other specific information.

New records are added every day by medical examiners and coroners across the country, increasing the chances that these unidentified persons will be named.

Because Nam Us is a national system that crosses state, county, and municipal borders, it reaches between different law enforcement agencies, giving all government authorities and the general public equal access and ability to become actively involved in solving cases.

Registration is not necessary to search the database, but coroners and medical examiners are required to register in order to enter case information.

Nam Us helps families, law enforcement, medical examiners, and coroners match data about missing persons, with data about unidentified persons.

The public’s ability to search Nam Us has been instrumental in resolving several cases since the system’s inception in January 2009.

Search Nam Us Data System Below is a listing of local unidentified discoveries in the District 6 area.

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