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We took a photo session with models to advertise with the site which was filmed (photos and videos will be included as well as a a Member Pro license for cutomers management of the photos and video based membership that was intended to be separate from the live video part of the site the license for this script is active however the 1 year free update has already expired as it was purchased before the site went live).

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everything I have an excell worksheet and also screenshoots for the month of April to show the earnings that all the models made on the share enviorement which is more than $120,000 for that month alone ..

(in average $20,000 per site) I can also provide one for the current month.

I'm stating this to show the earning capabilities this type of sites may have if promoted correctly.

The site for sale is an Adult Webcam Site such as .

Is a complete full featured site which includes the following: * Performer Software: - Ability to stream live video and chat - Change chat mode between free/semi-private/private - Change/update schedule - Change current password - Ban users * Admin Area: - Monitor Stats/Traffic - Current users online - Paying customers - Total sales per month/daily - Add funds to an existing client - Ban users - Monitor performers chat/video - Add/Remove performer account - Set per minute percentage for On studio performers and Outside performers - Set per minute price of semi-private/private/spy mode - Set prices with discount (I.

E pay for 20 minutes and receive 25) - Detailed list of to which customer spent time/money to which performer - Performer Ranking based on performance * Client: - Access to Free/Pay Chat - Add funds to account Through an e-wallet system (ccbill for CCs and Probill for Cheques) - Register for a new account - High end video resolution and transfer with videoclips when accessing an account and advising a performer went private *Note that there are more features than the above listed, however those are the ones that came to mind Current traffic states for last 3 months: Feb 2004 : 4985 visitors Mars 2004 : 4672 visitors April 2004 : 1292 visitors The site works on a partnership with other Cam sites meaning that it has a share performer system.

To explain this better if you have a performer added to your site you click on a "share" button and the other sites can add your performer to your site, likewise you may add performers from other sites to yours.

If at any instance you wish to "unshare" a performer you may do so as well (profits are split on a percentage basis - in fact there is a small cost that the other sites have set for the share of the performers - YOU set the price you want your customers to pay, and keep the difference.

This is a cool feature to have as you dont necesarily need to have On Studio performers as you can work with with the other performers on your site, or if you prefer to have your own performers you may have an extra sort of revenue (you keep full profits from clients choosing your performers and paying through your site, win a percentage of clients choosing other sites performers comming from your site and win a percentage on clients choosing your performers comming from another sites). we didnt do publicity at all and worked with our On Site performers wining percentages from customers comming from other sites eraning ,400.45 for that month (note that thats only our percentage the actual value paid to see them was around ,045.00) this with 4 performers ..

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