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When Anna got home that night, she was upset and told her parents what happened.They went to the theater to confront the general manager, who they say was unapologetic. We got the impression that he hadn't treated Anna and Stefan like two people at the movie theater.He treated them like two people who had Down syndrome, and couldn't stick up for themselves and wouldn't tell anyone," Rubright said.

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Her parents say she had the ticket in her coat pocket, but she was embarrassed and so nervous she couldn't get it out fast enough. "What would have been the big deal just to put them in the right seats?

"When I see something like this happen, it makes me so angry. Was it really so hard to sit them in the seats they had paid for? The story has spread on Facebook and someone has started a donation page for Anna and Stefan's next date, which they say will be dinner and a Phillies game.

"We are getting married and our honeymoon will be in Florida," Stefan said.

The Hook-Up delves into the life of John Hudson Dilgen, who is suffering from a skin disorder and eventually connected with New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Subscribe for daily videos on YES Network: 10FUHE2 Follow YES Network on Twitter: 1dt Ty7q Follow YES Network on Instagram: PGQWNm Join YES Network on Tumblr: Albert and I at a Sens vs. Albert held up numerous signs throughout the game and caught Ovie's eye. You can get ANY game coins you want and use code "SAP" you will get 6% discount!

I had a feeling that Albert would be rewarded for defending his idol against all of the Sens fans who were constantly booing and heckling him! Follow us on Twitter: saphighlights SAP's NFL Highlights: channel/UCX5o Bw MPMDIpyq NRvl PQ9w A LINK TO Request Video: channel/UCZH3j DKRIs7USZi71F2d6OQ/discussion Download any FREE Game: MAKE SURE TO DONATE TO They put in a lot of effort in getting games up. 4/3/13 - MARLTON, NJ (CBS) -- "It was going to be a special day; it was Anna's birthday," said Stefan Slowinski.

Follow my Twitter: RFHockey_Fan Compilation of the funniest moments and bloopers from Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) The footage belongs to NHL, Sports Net Canada, Washington Capitals, NBC, TSN, Eastern Motors, ESPN and Versus. The 18-year-old had saved up his money to take his girlfriend, Anna Rose, to the movies for her 17th birthday, but it wasn't the special day he had planned after the two accidentally sat in the wrong seats, and a manager asked them to move.

"I thought he was unfriendly and treated us the wrong way. They were not together," Anna Rose Rubright explained.

Anna and Stefan have Down syndrome, and the AMC theater in Marlton has a new seating policy that includes assigning a seat to each person with a ticket.

While Anna and Stefan were in the right seat numbers, they were sitting in row D instead of C.

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