Angelina jolie and brad pitt dating ethiopian dating dc

Fans of Jennifer Aniston have been waiting for years for the actress to finally come face to face with Angelina Jolie.

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The ladies both befriended Clooney because of his friendship with Brad and neither one intends to miss out on his big day but how will they react when they are actually in the same place?

When Jen learned of a potential run-in her anger supposedly flared and who can blame her?

Imagine never confronting a clear cut enemy and then realizing you could really have an opportunity soon.

I’m sure it’s dredging up all sorts of emotions for Jen, don’t you think?

Could there be an angry confrontation between the two on the horizon?

Something else that is getting messy is Mariah Carey’s impending divorce from Nick Cannon.

The duo have pretty much confirmed that the marriage is over but there is a lot at stake- like 0 million!

Even more importantly the two are expected to battle for custody of their twins.

Mariah currently has the kids but Nick is rumored to be concerned about how her chaotic lifestyle disrupts their schedules.

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