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This lip balm comes in a peach-colored cardboard outer packaging.

This cardboard packaging has all the details about the product mentioned at the back though the ingredients list is missing, but the company claims it to be 100% natural.

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Coming to the texture of this lip balm, it’s a little bit hard.

The formula is not creamy and it does not glide easily on the lips.

When I applied this lip balm for the first time, it actually tugged on my lips badly.

But after rubbing it twice or thrice on my hand, it feels smooth and glides on the lips better now.

This lip balm is not buttery smooth, so I am not that happy with the consistency and texture.

The fragrance of the lip balm is awesome, it smells so fresh and sweet, like fresh peaches.

This lip balm heals my chapped lips to some extent and has some good moisturising properties.

It keeps my lips moisturized and hydrated, but the staying power is low.

It lasts for only 2 hours, so frequent reapplication is needed.

Would I Repurchase Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip Care?

I was a little surprised that this Lakme peach milk moisturiser had not been reviewed on IMBB. It has got a good fragrance and blends easily but it is not at all effective, atleast not for me. I will recommend not to use it if you have sensitive skin or the kind of skin which turns blood red due to sun exposure. Hope it is helpful :) I suggested this to a friend recently – This moisturiser has always been around with some of the older fam members – it`s good stuff 😛 This and oil of olay – these are like ‘family essentials ‘ 😛 I feel bad that they changed the smell – I still have the old one…

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