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Studying in various countries gave Hoveyda a unique cosmopolitan flair that would remain being his most enduring characteristic.

Some pundits suggest that it was Hoveyda's intellectual prowess which initially attracted him into the Shah's folds.

Hoveyda's desire to attend a French university in 1938 made the young student jump the gun by entering the country of his dreams without completing specific high school prerequisites required for entry.

Cited as being the main reason behind Hoveyda's organizational miscalculation was the possibility of military action by an ostensibly belligerent Nazi Germany.

‎‎ Amīr `Abbās Hoveyda, 18 February 1919 – 7 April 1979) was an Iranian economist and politician who served as Prime Minister of Iran from 27 January 1965 to 7 August 1977.

He was prime minister for 13 years and is the longest serving prime minister in Iran's history.

He also served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in Mansur's cabinet.

After the Iranian Revolution, he was tried by the newly established Revolutionary Court for "waging war against God" and "spreading corruption on earth", and executed.

most prominent during the latter years of the Qajar dynasty, and Afsar ol-Moluk, a descendent of the very royal family the senior Hoveyda would serve for much of his adult life.

While Hoveyda's father had been a Bahá'í, he had left the religion and Hoveyda himself was not religious.

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