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The Back Of Your Head is “Riddddiccculuuuussss”: So I was on a coaching call with a client yesterday afternoon and we were running through his last weekend out.

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I had no car, lived on a friends couch and had no job.

Auto Mass Attraction is new software that allows men to easily message women on popular online dating sites. Now that the sales video is playing in another tab, let’s continue with the Auto Mass Attraction review.

In this Auto Mass Attraction review, I will go into detail about the software. The premise of Auto Mass Attraction is to make messaging girls with online dating sites more automated.

Auto Mass Attraction is by online dating expert Dave M. It’s one of the first online dating programs made available. It seems to promise you the world in the sales video.

It included narrated screencasts of Dave messaging with girls online. Many years later, Dave created an actual program to make messaging girls more automated. But let’s be practical with what it ACTUALLY is and does.

The sexy name for the software is “Auto Mass Attraction”. First, it’s a toolbar for the Firefox internet browser.

So the next step in this Auto Mass Attraction review is to describe what’s included. To my knowledge, it is not compatible with other browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

If you haven’t watched the sales video yet, I recommend opening it in another window while you read this Auto Mass Attraction review.

I’m guessing this is because Firefox is available for multiple operating systems. Content: If I get to know you, am I going to regret it?

It also does not lock down the installation of external extensions. So really, it’s not much different than having a spreadsheet with 37 messages and cutting and pasting them into the message box and clicking send. But that’s not it, lets next look at the “Black Ops Upgrade” in this Auto Mass Attraction review.

Upon clicking on a girl’s online dating profile, you can use the drop down menu in the toolbar to select and send a pre-written message. They are first message “openers” and viewed profiles messages. Dave claims that the Black Ops Upgrade is a “Built-in P2P file sharing network”.

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