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Whether we like it or not, sooner rather than later, overpopulation and the reasons behind it will have to be addressed by all of us, or our children; so to blithely insist that kids are a right in Western culture - where they play little or no part in our economic survival - just strikes me as ... A sustainable global population is one whose environmental impact does not diminish our natural resources, yet humans, since day dot, have chewed through what the Earth has laid before us. Clark, a professor of biology at San Diego State University, says in her book Ariadne's Thread: "Hunter-gatherers slowly but surely used up easily accessible plants and animals; traditional agriculturalists, slightly more rapidly, used up the Earth's soils, and industrial societies are busily consuming fossil fuels while destroying even more species and more soils."Time after time, instead of learning to maintain - to nurture and care for - Earth's resources, humans have dipped into nature's non-renewable reserves: her living species, her soil, her water, her minerals and finally, her stored fossil fuels - consuming each in turn." You can argue about the details of this all day but the hard news is indisputable: our current global environmental impact is unsustainable.

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Every single squawkin' kid who appears in Australia - who will then go on to consume roughly seven times the amount of resources a child in Africa will - makes this runaway train a little harder to turn around.

More importantly, all of us - YES YOU - need to start questioning why developing nations display such astronomical rates of population growth and understand that, while kids are a pleasant option in this country, they're a means of survival in about 60 per cent of the world.

And while you feel the need to buy three pairs of new runners a year and insist that a big-screen TV and a four-wheel-drive are absolute necessities, the rest of the world is gonna continue breeding to keep its head above water and provide the labour to keep us all fat and stupid and self-absorbed.

The Sydney Morning Herald - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Australia’s leading newspaper The Age - National, World, Business, Entertainment, Sport and Technology News from Melbourne’s leading newspaper au au - Business News, World News & Breaking News in Australia Last week's blog "Kids; the mistake you can't undo", garnered some pretty predictable responses, but the variety I particularly enjoyed went something like this.

"Parenting is all about self-sacrifice and the joys outweigh the negatives but this is something that you self-absorbed childless hedonists will never understand." Which is kind of funny, when you consider that, in 2050, the projected world population is going to be about 10 billion people, more than double the number in 1984. Every year, 90 million more people are born than those who cark it.

I'll do the maths for you; that's 1 billion new mouths to feed every 11 years.

Right now, our big blue marble can sustain about 4 to 5 billion people but, hang on, there's already 6.5 billion of us!

So let's backtrack; self-absorption is defined as "preoccupation with oneself, especially to the exclusion of others".

That sounds like a mighty fine description for people who mindlessly shoot out offspring, ignoring the fact their little darlings are part of the biggest environmental problem facing our planet ...

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