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When a computer infected and attacked by viruses and cannot be booted, then how to repair it?

This post shows how to clean viruses without booting a computer with latest AVG Rescue CD.

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(But the virus will be there)Are you going to install another new Antivirus Software?

(But in some virus affected computers will not allow antivirus software installation)So what’s your plan?

Only one option is available, remove the affected hard disk and connect to well protected and updated antivirus and malware software computer then run full scan several times. Because there are no choices to recover and repair virus affected computers, except these type of Antivirus bootable CDs.

I had similar bootable CD from Kaspersky, but it’s not free.1) Anti Virus on your computer is not removing viruses permanently.2) Antivirus service or program cannot be started because of Virus.3) You can’t update the Antivirus definition.4) You can’t install any other antivirus software or cleaning utilities, because virus is playing with you and your computer.5) Because of Windows is using some system files and other system services cannot be down, full cleaning is not possible.6) OS is hanging in normal and safe mode, so you can’t run antivirus.

If you face any of the above problems and anything more if I miss, then you must have AVG Rescue CD to clean affected computer.

Using AVG rescue CD is very simple.1) Download AVG Rescue CD (ISO Version) from AVG official site.2) It’s an ISO version, so use any CD writing software to extract and write on CD.3) Boot the affected computer from CD.AVG rescue CD is Linux version, so it will boot like Linux.4) Select appropriate options in next screens. ( make sure speaker is on)5) Final result shows as below for me.( ha ha my computer is clean, hopefully)If AVG Rescue CD finds any infected items, in next screen it will start the cleaning process. Since AVG is a good antivirus product it must remove infected items without booting a computer.I suggest keeping a AVG rescue CD with you always to boot and run antivirus check on any systems.More Information available here about AVG Rescue CDIf you are interested, read my related post on how to backup data without booting a computer.Let me know how many of your really used AVG rescue CD.

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