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-up.” Society often condemns women as crazy, irrational, and hysterical.

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We are not numb to emotions despite the thickness of our little black books.

It seems like the concept of playing “hard to get” will never die.

Both men and women prefer the distance that equates to mystery as opposed to the straightforward attitude that is perceived as creepy. ”I am not suggesting a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon that results in changing our relationship statuses on Facebook.

I got a great email from one of you guys the other day.

It’s the kind of warning story I hope will never happen to you, but I’m glad it happened to someone. With his permission I’m sharing this email with you now: 1. Here are a few easy steps to help you determine if a woman is worth taking on a second date. Look Beyond the Beauty It’s easy to get wrapped up in a woman’s beauty.

Look for the Red Flags We hung out, we smoked some pot, had a little bit of wine. We get so caught up in the way they look and the way they sound and the way they feel we forget to look at who they are. Scientifically, after pheromones, we’re first attracted to a woman’s physical features.

At in the morning, I realized I needed to go home. When I told her I had to leave things got really weird. Kudos to this guy for having the balls to ask out a woman he thought was smoking hot out on a date in the first place. You wouldn’t have put up with it even for a minute if you weren’t insanely attracted to her.

She says, “Well before you leave, tell me She blocked the door. She threw her hands up on the door and told me I was interrupting her because I wasn’t telling her what I could teach her. She goes, “You stole my energy.”You took my time, energy, and knowledge freely. Think about it, she’s dominating the conversation, talking for 15 minutes at a time. Here’s a trick: the next time you go on a date, wait until you’re about an hour in, take her hand as she’s speaking, close your eyes, and just listen. It’ll look as if you’re attracted to the sound of her voice and you want to get lost in the sound.

And repeatedly corrected me to say you learned about me. The lack of acknowledgement, let alone reciprocity, became present in full colors. In reality you’ll be attempting to determine how you feel about the person under the skin. She’s interested in having a partner she can bend to her will.

Instead of being able to hear me and my experience and knowledge, you interrupted me again and again. I don’t understand how we can talk about stuff with intention or bringing new ideas or perspectives to encourage growth all night and yet I didn’t get not one thing back from a successful man like you. I’m so happy that Jim shared this text and e-mail with all of us. If what she’s saying is interesting to you, if you like the way her hand feels in hers ask her out again. Let her know sex is on the table but not a relationship. If not, you’ve had a first date with one smoking hot woman, there’s no reason you can’t get another. Look to Make Sure She’s Into You For those of you just looking for sex this may not pertain to you, but for those of you looking to start something serious this is a vital step. She wants someone to be her boyfriend, she doesn’t want you to be her boyfriend. You could be anyone and she’d treat you just like this because she’s looking for someone to fill a role. If she’s not asking you questions, if she doesn’t seem interested in the answers, if she’s looking at her cell phone every time you open your mouth she has no interest in you. There is a reason why, in life, you need to trust your gut. There will be another one down the road, no reason to try to and make it work with somebody you don’t even like.

I’ve met many women who are super hot and I’ve met many women that are super crazy.

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