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English - Nederlands - Français Table of Contents - Entire FAQ (HTML) - Entire FAQ (Text) This document answers questions asked frequently by web authors.While its focus is on HTML-related questions, this FAQ also answers some questions related to CSS, HTTP, Java Script, server configuration, etc.This document is maintained by Darin Mc Grew Copyright © 1996-2007 by the Web Design Group.

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This information is offered in good faith and in the hope that it may be useful, but it is not guaranteed to be correct, up to date, or suitable for any particular purpose.

The author accepts no liability in respect of this information or its use. Please post questions to an appropriate public forum, where they will be read (and possibly answered/discussed) by many people with more expertise than me.

The official home of this document on the Web is: . Think carefully before posting; you'll get more useful answers if you post clear, complete questions.

If you think something already in the FAQ needs clarifying, or if you would like to offer a concise, well-written answer to a frequently asked question that is not yet in the FAQ, then feel free to send me email.

All information contained in this FAQ was originally compiled by members of the Web Design Group, principally Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet, John Pozadzides, and Darin Mc Grew.

The Dutch translation of this FAQ was prepared by Rijk van Geijtenbeek.The French translation of this FAQ was prepared by Cédrik Rousseau.Additional input has been provided by Boris Ammerlaan, Martin Atkins, Lori Atwater, Alex Bell, Robert Breeser, Stan Brown, Roger Carbol, Alex Chapman, Jim Dabell, Warden Dave, Curtis Dyer, Jan Roland Eriksson, Jon Erlandson, Mark Evans, Peter Evans, Joe Faulds, Vladimir P.Filipovic, Alan Flavell, Peter Flynn, Phillip Freck, Rijk van Geijtenbeek, Lucie Gelinas, Bjoern Hoehrmann, Tina Marie Holmboe, Cliff Howard, Bruce Huntington, Thomas Jespersen, Peter Jones, Nick Kew, Jukka Korpela, Simon Lee, Jim Ley, Nick Lilavois, Kelly Martin, Neal Mc Burnett, Glen Mc Donald, Dan Mc Garry, Brendan Murray, Ken O'Brien, Stephen Poley, Timothy Prodin, Steve Pugh, Liam Quinn, Colin Reynolds, Kai Schätzl, Randal L.Schwartz, Doug Sheppard, Sue Sims, Henri Sivonen, Toby Speight, Warren Steel, John Stockton, Ian Storms, Gérard Talbot, Peter Thomson, Daniel Tobias, Frederiek van Beckum, Diane Wilson, and no doubt others I've forgotten to credit. Your comments, criticisms, and suggestions have considerably improved this FAQ.The is "the universe of network-accessible information (available through your computer, phone, television, or networked refrigerator...)." The World Wide Web began as a networked information project at CERN.

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