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Have we not all heard that bad kids come from bad parents? The actions of parents speak louder to children than just words. As human beings we are prone to making mistakes, but one has to learn from mistakes and correct them and not let it affect their children.As the first teachers of a child, parents are the first influence in his or her life. Managing tantrums, mistakes and mischief wisely can help make your child a good citizen.

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Whenever a child commits a mistake or lacks manners, the blame is mostly put on the parents. Many of us (including me) have suffered from the effects of bad parenting.

The first thing a parent or prospective parent should realize is that you cannot be perfect in all aspects.

As for me, I had a neglected childhood where I was forced to stay away from my parents and also suffered from favoritism.

I am sure that there are many who have suffered like me and more as a child.

But it is up to you to turn that negative into a positive. It made me promise myself to be a better parent and never let my children suffer the way I did.

Neglecting your child physically or emotionally can affect him or her in a negative manner.

Child neglect is a very common type of child abuse, which is more than physical abuse.

Ignoring the needs of children, putting them in unsupervised or in dangerous situations or making the child feel worthless can lead to low self-esteem and isolation.

Many times this can affect the mental health or social development of the child and may even leave lifelong psychological scars. Exposing the child to physical violence or verbal abuse can be very damaging to a child’s psychology.

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