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I am 31 years old and have been married for 4 years now. Just about a year back after having our dinner we were preparing to go to sleep.

I am working as an engineer and am of average build. As I switched off my bedroom light I heard some noise coming from the living room.

Someone switched on the lights and I saw 3 well built men standing in front of me, the fourth one was holding me down.

One of them ordered me to keep my mouth shut and asked his colleague to make me sit on the sofa.

The guy holding me down effortlessly picked me up and roughly threw me on the sofa.

The leader asked one of the men to check who else was in the house. The other guy returned soon with Vandana holding one of her hands behind her back and covering her mouth with the other.

Vandana was wearing a black sleveless long nightie.

I thanked god that she was not wearing her see thru one today.

But the silk nightie was outlining her curves quite prominently, her breasts jutting out from the front, her flat stomach and her ass sticking out from the behind.

I asked them to leave my wife alone and take whatever they wanted from the house.

The leader asked the guy holding my wife to make her sit on the sofa beside me. At this the boss took out a gun and pointed it at Vandana and said that if she made one more noise he would kill both of us. She started walking towards the sofa but the leader asked her to remain standing in the middle. One slap from the boss sent Vandana reeling down on the floor.

The guy holding Vandana said , ” Boss isse mast maal is ghar mein to kya pure shaher mein nahin milega”. He looked at her from head to toe and then pointing the gun at her said, take off that nightie. He pulled her up by the arm and said to his two buddies to take off her nightie.

They did not need to be told twice, in a flash they had raised the nightie over vandana’s head and off from her body.

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