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A lot of things came naturally to Double B: confidence, speaking skills, marketing, sales, and politics. Even while he was in college surrounded by countless beautiful girls.

That is until he discovered that picking up women was a learned art. He has been studying the art of the pick up for over eight years – but he just figured out how to weed out the crazy ones!

Sacramento Dating coach- Double B Marc used to be "the fat kid." Now he's the guy at the bar in downtown San Jose, girl on each arm.

That all the San Jose women want to be with and all the San Jose guys want to be.

When he's not making music or pizza this San Jose dating coach will show you how to strike up a conversation with any girl at any time.

Doku was introduced to the concepts of Pick-Up by his brother who recommended that he read The Mystery Method and The Game.

After the first few pages, he couldn't peel himself away.

His eyes were finally opened to the social dynamics of the world around him: he had just taken the red pill and could see the matrix.

​ Things fell into place when Doku met Double B, and started sarging in Sacramento with him nearly every night of the week with the goal of achieving pick up artist mastery – the ability to seduce anyone on the planet from San Francisco to San Jose and beyond, whether she is a single 18-year-old college student in Palo Alto or the First Lady.

After that, he spent the next segment of his life mastering financial success in the realm of business, before delving into politics.

After he has complete understanding of relationships, business, politics, and every area of humanity and communication, he plans on taking over the world, peacefully, with a few years left in his life to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

San Francisco dating coach -Doku Chris went from super shy to super fly!

He is also a writer and would be ashamed of the first sentence of his description.

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