Best dating sim game

Do you like visual novels, but sometimes lose interest with the long, relentless stories?

” More details Fan girls will find themselves falling in love with more than just the vampire "bishounen" (from Japanese for "beautiful boy") characters in this "otome" (maiden) game.

It also comes with a customizable in-game doll avatar!

You play as a bewitching heroine who finds herself in a doomed encounter with two devious vampire brothers.

The only way you can save yourself from their curse is to find a mysterious Rose Garden hidden deep in the vampire’s castle.

More details What happens when an office lady gets seduced by her three playboy bosses?

Find out in this Japanese dating simulation game that instantly transports the player to the world of Shojo.

Gorgeous and hot men are vying for your attention in a heated office romance. Enjoy wonderful art and a good plot as you follow the story line.

Feel your heart get touched by the actions of these men with varying personalities.

Analyze if what they feel for you is real and if yo...

More details Getting drowsy at work is normal but having a talking rabbit suddenly wake you up and run away with the documents you made is strange.

Plus, those documents are due the next day so you find yourself chasing after this talking rabbit or else it'll be "Off with your job"!

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