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The order of the placeholders in the format string does not match the order of the arguments in the code.

We would like to leave the code as is and simply indicate in the format string which arguments the placeholders refer to.

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The documentation incorrectly states that they are interchangeable.

They produce unique results that can be combined:outputs:| +1| -1||1 |-1 ||+1 |-1 |2.

Padding with a '0' is different than padding with other characters.

Zeros will only be added at the front of a number, after any sign.

Other characters will be added before the sign, or after the number: This works more reliably than doing something like sprintf('%.15F', $value) as the latter may cut off significant digits for very small numbers, or prints bogus digits (meaning extra digits beyond what can reliably be represented in a floating point number) for very large numbers.

There are already some comments on using sprintf to force leading leading zeros but the examples only include integers.I needed leading zeros on floating point numbers and was surprised that it didn't work as expected.Example: I created this function a while back to save on having to combine mysql_real_escape_string onto all the params passed into a works literally the same as the sprintf other than that it doesn't require you to escape your inputs.Hope its of some use to people I had a nightmare trying to find the two's complement of a 32 bit number. =P )Quote: ..out the 2's complement of any number, which is -(pow(2, n) - N) where n is the number of bits and N is the number for which to find out its 2's complement. previously I was trying to usesprintf ("%b",Bit Decimal); But it always returned 10000000000000000000000 when the Bit Decimal value got above 2,000,000,000.This -(pow(2, n) - N)Worked remarkably well and was very accurate.

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