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We invite you to be part of our unique community, where connection, belonging, and personal transformation happen naturally as you step in with your commitment to (re)discover and express your real self.

Make a connection at BC3 and step into an oasis of creativity, play and aliveness!

The participants are offered about five to ten minutes to ask each other questions and know each other better, all in the effort that they will be able to develop a common stand which will make them to be ready for that next step.

If you have never heard of speed dating and you are a single person, you just don’t know what you have been missing. Toronto speed dating has been taking place and they need to make sure they are not left out of the bandwagon.

The organizers do so in many of the online dating websites we have around and after you have confirmed participation you are asked to pay a small fee which caters for all of the refreshments that will be offered amidst other things that might be used in the event speed dating.

Don’t forget, white teeth and a bright smile are just as important in an interview situation.

During the event, the men and women are offered sits that face each other in one long line and it is organized in a way that it is the men who move as the women remain immobile.The dating itself takes place in a restaurant or anywhere the organizers deem fit. 1 in 10 people in the UK would think twice about employing someone with stained teeth, so maximising your smile not only helps you land Mr or Ms speed dating, but also the career you’re chasing, because after all creating the right first impression counts in all situations.The order of speed dating is such that it has a well orchestrated manner of doing things where everything is done and organized by men and women who are experienced in such an affair.If you have not been in a relationship for long, it is also your ample chance to meet the right singles and start your walk upon making it real in relationships.A dozen single barefoot men and women wearing stretch pants and T-shirts are randomly paired up. "It feels like there's a lot more authentic connection that's possible in a community like that, as opposed to going to a bar to meet people."The Denver man has attended a variety of different events organized by Colorado-based Yoga Dates.They say their salutations, following by a shared sun salutation. He has explored singles vinyasa, followed by mingling and healthy drinks; partner speed-dating; and even a couples' yoga class with another yogi he recently began dating.

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