funny dating headline for women - Bradley cooper and jennifer aniston dating

Although Bradley Cooper has reportedly been back in contact with Jennifer Aniston since breaking up with Renee Zellweger last month, it's not a love connection for the pair, multiple sources insist in the new Us Weekly.

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Maybe Bradley saw the coverage of the rumors and said, “Hey, me and Aniston. “Jen is really excited,” an insider says in our July 6 cover story.

That’s not a bad idea.” Which brings us to the online article doesn’t have a lot of meat, they’re just basically saying that they went out, had a good time, and that Aniston is “really excited” about Bradley, and that they have a “connection”. “She feels a connection to Bradley.” That was clear during their June 18 dinner date.

More breaking news: at dinner, they were holding hands! Throughout the three-hour meal, Jennifer, 40, and Bradley, 34, shared food and wine, laughed at one another’s jokes and acted like two kids falling in love.

“I went over to say hi to them, and I noticed they were holding hands under the table because they let go to shake my hand,” an eyewitness at the exclusive restaurant tells Star.

While the idea of romancing Jen could be overwhelming for some potential suitors — after all, the ex-Mrs.

Brad Pitt’s heartache is so legendary that even she makes fun of her relationship history — Bradley could be the right man for the job.

“Bradley knows that Jen comes with a lot of baggage,” says a source.

“But he’s not denying he has feelings for her.” [From Star Magazine] “Bradley knows that Jen comes with a lot of baggage” is the understatement of the year.

That being said, I’m kind of enjoying the tabloid press on this chrysalis of a relationship.

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