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Follow these 3 simple steps and rest assured our software will provide you with the most accurate results: Restart your computer before checking your internet speed.

Don’t test your internet connection speed while using Wi-Fi, because your results will be affected by additional factors. Run your internet speed test only once all other programs, videos and games are turned off. Download: The speed at which your Internet connection downloads data to your PC from the Internet.

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) and what else you have going on in the background of your computer.

That said, we’ve created a general list of speed recommendations by Mbps (megabits per second) that will fit the most common uses of these sites and apps, that we hope can be your guidepost as you check your internet speed with us. The most common reason is that your antivirus program is keeping your computer from sending information to other sources to protect your privacy and safety.

Skype For voice calls: 0.1 mbps download / 0.1 mbps upload For video calls: 0.5 mbps download / 0.5 mbps upload For HD video calls: 1.5 mbps download / 1.5 mbps upload Netflix Basic-quality video: 1.5 mbps download High-quality video: 3.0 mbps download You Tube At least 0.5 mbps download Hulu At least 1.0 mbps 5. You can turn the antivirus program off for the moment it takes to run the test, then turn it back on when you’re done. How does the speed test work, and how are the results calculated?

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Are you getting the Internet speed you are paying for? How fast does your internet connection allow you to download content and view websites?

Speed is the best place to check your Internet connection and to find out. How fast does your internet connection respond to actions you want to take?

After running the test, you will get your internet speed result. For example, how often do the videos you watch or games you play pause midway?

These are the questions the test will answer: How fast does your internet connection allow you upload files to the the internet?

All you have to do is click on the “Begin Test” button at the top of the home page, and our software will do the rest for you. In fact, we’ll check 3 different parts of your internet speed at a single click of a button!

Heads up - Expect download speed to be faster than the upload speed.

The internet’s wired that way because less people actively upload content online than the number of people who read and watch items. How can I make sure I get the most accurate results?

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