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If direct traffic is not possible TURN servers are involved. Login to your server using ssh (ssh tutorials), enter the copied folder and run is preferred method.However, if you for any reason have problems with it you can try Alternative PHP Install Copy source/client folder contents to your domain's public folder.Create standard html which should contain at least a container element for the video chat, ex Note that webcommander might not be able to run on some hosting environments and might mislead you that the system is not working.

Now you can run your server as defined in the Quick Start Guide or you can try and click Start After the server is started you will be able to test websocket connection from the panel on the right.

Update domain and/or port property according to your server's setup and click to test.

If connection is successful you can update examples' source code with the same websocket parameters and open them.

, but without the requirement to install any additional software, plugin nor flash.

There is unlimited number of use cases: online live video chat support, private rooms, community chat rooms...

Compared to , PRO version features: group (conference) video chat, file transfer, chat roulette mode Unlike some other systems, Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO includes full featured server side "signaling" engine: you can see who is online, click to call, click to end call, send text messages.

You can even mark certain users as for authorization php classes but Magnoliyan Video Chat PRO comes with built in support for facebook login and wordpress accounts.

It's even possible to use different authorization system per chat room.

Magnoliyan PHP chat server is websocket signaling central components.

Magnoliayan jquery client script is HTML5 Web RTC app.

Media (video/audio) communication is done directly (if possible) by the means of STUN servers.

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