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The company has been the world leader in radiocarbon dating services since 1979.Each analysis is provided with consistent accuracy and attentiveness to clients’ needs and concerns.

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The company also measures the radiocarbon content of biobased products, biofuels, and gas combustion emissions according to the ASTM D6866, EN 15440, CEN/TS 16137, and CEN 16640 standards. They formed Beta Analytic as a dedicated professional radiocarbon dating lab able to routinely provide accurate radiocarbon dates within a timely manner. Hood joined Beta Analytic as a geochronologist in 1980.

Majority of Beta Analytic’s clients are from universities, government agencies, and environmental companies. Today Beta Analytic is headed by Darden Hood, President, and Dr. Deputy directors Ronald Hatfield and Chris Patrick, who joined the company in 19 respectively, manage the labs.

With their extensive experience in all aspects of radiocarbon dating, they supervise a team of professional technicians and ensure that quality control is maintained at all levels.

The AMS instruments are the newest state-of-the art technology designed specifically for radiocarbon measurement.

Beta Analytic currently owns multiple accelerator mass spectrometers, each capable of 25 to 30 sample analyses per day.

Each instrument has two SNICS (Source of Negative Ions by Cesium Sputtering) ion sources.

The redundancy best ensures constant throughput since the SNICS is the major source of downtime in an AMS.

The company also has a substantial supply of spare parts, especially those that are prone to failure and/or have extended repair times.

Sequential injection of Carbon-13 and Carbon-12 provides for measurement of Carbon-13/Carbon-12 ratio within the instrument, necessary for accurate total fractionation correction without relying upon relative measures and assumptions (something some older machines are limited to).

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