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It handed me detailed information on more than 900 technologies being leveraged to deliver BPS. What’s more, we had developed a robust framework – my spectrometer! Here’s the snapshot version of the framework (for the full-blown version, go here): With the wind at my back, I crunched some bone, and out came its age and much more! My little experiment enabled some very interesting observations.

Here’s my first output: First, the chart seems to suggest that BPS technology is not very old!

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Of course, there were the ERPs – the earliest of the platforms.

These were mostly large and complex systems, spanning multiple business functions, such as HR, F&A and procurement.

While they did deliver results for some large and mature buyer organizations, these platforms were too expensive and too unwieldy for most.

How old is technology in Business Process Services (BPS)? How does one carbon date or, to use its technically correct name, radiocarbon date?

So, I turned to a technique beyond reproach – carbon dating!

The principle, shorn of all gobbledygook, is pretty straightforward. An astute mind would guess, my first big challenge was finding the bone…in this case, the data.All plants and animals take in radiocarbon from the atmosphere through the food chain, making them storehouses of radiocarbon while they live. I had to know what technologies were launched over the years, and what those technologies did.When an animal or plant dies, it stops taking in radiocarbon, and starts losing it. The second and no less daunting challenge was to get my hands on a spectrometer – a framework to classify and understand these technologies in the context of BPS delivery.Thus, measuring the amount of radiocarbon left in the remains of a plant or animal gives one an estimate of its age. Treat the powder to convert the carbon to benzene 4. With these obstacles looming large, my carbon dating dream seemed like a pipe dream.The process, simplified enough to make any archeologist cry sacrilege, is as follows:1. How I Got the Bone and the Spectrometer Thankfully, being an Everest Group analyst driving research into technology in BPS has its advantages.Our comprehensive outreach program covering nearly 20 major service providers proved a positive goldmine.

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