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: my journey from student to approach coach, to instructor, to master instructor, to stripper destroyer). Best quote from a workshop review ever play2win: There comes a point in everyone's life where they either have their dreams or the reasons they dont.

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About a year ago this simple quest, seemed not so simple to me, in fact I had become obsessed with this idea, and it had become my entire life purpose, it was truly all I could think of.

Or said in other word, it was (and still are) one of my greatest goals in life.

Thought today I’m am much more satisfied with my skill and abilities with woman, I still remember as it was yesterday how it felt like, not being able to be with the woman’s I desired.

I remember all the evenings in the nightclubs where I just stud there and didn’t make any approaches, I remember all the rejections I got, when I initially got myself approaching.

Anyway back then I was frustrated over my lacking skills with the opposite sex, so I often goggled around the internet to find some advice that hopefully could tell me why I wasn’t succeeding, and more importantly how I could succeed, and today I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon the Dating Black Book written by Carlos Xuma.

I remember I did know If Carlos was real, and I was very doubtful and skeptical about spending any more money on stupid dating product, because thus far I felt like all the stuff that I had bought from so-called dating-gurus just wasn’t worth it.

Let me be honest, I don’t want to give you any false hopes, initially this book didn’t change my life, actually it took me several months before I even started reading it, but then one night I thought to myself that I would just skim trough it and you know just pick out the important parts.

But when I started reading I just couldn’t stop, I think I read the whole damn thing I 3 days, that might not sound impressive to you, but trust me I’m not a big reader, I seldom read any book.

I felt a little bit like Neo in “the matrix” I felt like my brain was being loaded at super speed, the book was the missing link for me. And when the next weekend came, I felt ready, I felt motivated, I felt I had an Idea on how to seduce women.

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