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Playing classical music drives them away from public spaces.

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* The '90's spin * American Horror Story: Freak Show * Evil Angel - TS Playground # 10 -...

* ^you say that like it's something bad * ^to be fair, that was a lot of money...

Detectives have confiscated the family’s mobile phones, impounded a car and interviewed relatives including Miss Graves’s ex-husband as they seek to establish whether she might have known her killer.

Miss Graves, 55, was house-sitting for wealthy friends in the village of Bosham, West Sussex, together with her mother, sister and brother-in-law when she was struck down between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“Val was a free spirit who enjoyed her life and was a talented artist, about to embark on a new path involving ceramics.

“She was an eternal student, who was always hungry for a new challenge.

She had recently moved back to Sussex from Scotland to be closer to her family and we were lucky enough to spend a family Christmas together.

“This has been a complete shock to the family and we appeal to anyone who has any information, no matter how trivial, to contact Sussex Police.” The £1.6 million property where Miss Graves was struck on the head and face was reportedly advertised online as a venue for swinging parties.

The advert, now deleted, was posted by someone claiming to be interested in group sex as well as “blindfolds, bondage and discipline”.

The four members of the Graves family who were looking after the property for its owners, who are on holiday in Costa Rica, are not thought to have been aware of the property’s connection to the sex website.

Police have interviewed Miss Graves’s mother Eileen, 87, her sister Janet, 60, and brother-in-law Nigel Acres, 59, as witnesses, and today took away a Lexus 4x4 vehicle understood to belong to Mr and Mrs Acres.

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