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My Scene Goes Hollywood is a 2005 direct-to-DVD and VHS animated film based on Mattel's line of My Scene dolls.

It features Barbie and Lindsay Lohan, who plays herself.

Clair, the lead character) and fictional character Ryan Ridley (who plays Lohan's love interest in the movie).

While the girls, Barbie, Chelsea, Madison, Nolee, and Delancey, go to watch it being filmed, they get the idea to sneak into the film by pretending to be extras.

After a while, the girls learn that making a movie isn't as exciting as one would think and that there's actually a lot of work that goes into it, such as having to wait for hours before being called to the set, and Chelsea keeps getting horrible roles such as towel girl, trash girl and cleaning up after the horses.

The girls imagine themselves becoming best friends with Lindsay Lohan, who turns out to be really nice and down-to-earth (and who they do end up becoming friends with).

When one of the actresses on the set gets hurt and is unable to play her part, Madison's called in to take her place.

The actress she's replacing plays the movie's lead female villain, although the character only has five speaking lines After a while, the fame starts going to Madison's head.She also thinks that she and Ryan are dating as they always go out together and the tabloids refer to as "Ryan's Mystery Girl." When she gets invited to a party with Ryan and Lindsay, her friends show up to surprise her.But Madison's very rude to them and pretends that she does not know them.She starts to act and dress like a diva, and avoid her lifelong friends.This causes her friends to become mad at her and start avoiding her.Ryan Ridley eventually reveals to Madison that he never actually had feelings for her and only "dated" her for publicity.

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