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If their parents’ marriage was a source of pain or ended in divorce, these longings may not be present.Some folks so value their independence that bonding with one person sounds limiting.

God made people with body parts designed for sexual pleasure.

Some parts of our body have no function other than sexual pleasure.

By design, we are pleasure givers and pleasure receivers.

The reason we have this universal longing is because God designed us this way. He imprinted on our bodies and souls the longing for consummation.

Most of us long to connect with another person and to share experiences that bond us mind, body and soul.

Sex is one of God’s most wonderful gifts to human beings.

In the fall of 2005, the incoming freshman class at the University of Illinois was asked, ‘What do you want most out of your college career?

” For the first time, the top answer was to someday have a family, ahead of options such as to earn a degree that will ensure a good income and to develop a philosophy of life.

This finding came as a surprise to many of the university’s administrators.

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