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Berga Met blocks the same enzyme responsible for cholesterol production as statins, but works at a different site on the enzyme, meaning it does not appear to have side effects in the muscles and the liver.

This annex presents the Unicode line breaking algorithm along with detailed descriptions of each of the character classes established by the Unicode line breaking property.

The line breaking algorithm produces a set of "break opportunities", or positions that would be suitable for wrapping lines when preparing text for display.

This document has been reviewed by Unicode members and other interested parties, and has been approved for publication by the Unicode Consortium.

This is a stable document and may be used as reference material or cited as a normative reference by other specifications.

A Unicode Standard Annex (UAX) forms an integral part of the Unicode Standard, but is published online as a separate document.

The bergamot orange, grown in the Mediterranean, is being hailed as ‘nature’s statin’.

It contains chemicals called citrus polyphenols that appear to block production of blood fats, boost metabolism and prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut.

Research on more than 200 patients with high levels of blood fats, carried out by the University of Cantanzaro in Italy, found ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) reduced by 39 per cent after a month of taking the extract.

It also reduced blood sugars by 22 per cent and raised ‘good’ cholesterol by 41 per cent.

Lead researcher Dr Vincenzo Mollace, Professor in the faculty of pharmacology at the University of Cantanzaro said: 'Bergamot contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols, as compared to other citrus species.

In separate research, a leading cardiologist in Australia is giving Berga Met to more than 700 patients, some of whom have avoided the need for statins, while others are on a reduced statin dose but are still seeing major reductions in harmful cholesterol, but with the added benefit of protection from diabetes because their blood sugars are regulated.

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