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If you don’t like the options one day, then harvest those crops tomorrow.

With so many dating sites out there catering to so many oddly specific demographics — clowns, the Amish, ugly people — it seems like there couldn’t possibly be room for any more.

But a dating site launched in Boston by two recent graduates is hoping to find room in the crowded dating app market by catering to group dates among friends.

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The site matches groups of three together and suggests bars known to be great date spots for the groups to meet.

“Nervousness disappears almost immediately when you’re out with your friends and having fun,” Davidson said.

“The goal of our app is to make you feel like you just happen to meet another great group of people out naturally.

Have you ever found yourself swiping left, wondering WTF? Good news: Your days of random online connections are in the past. Falling in love with a total stranger is more rare than you think.

If you’re looking for love, you’ll wanna Netflix & Chill with a hot new app called happn. Happn has a super easy-to-use interface, including a “like” option—which basically means you can admit to having a cyber-crush and the object of your digital affections will never know unless they’re crushing on you too. The people over at happn know this—so the app shows you local connections you may already know. Besides, you’re bound to have better luck in love if you even remotely know your matches.

If you’re feeling bold, give them a “Charm,” and they’ll get a notification. In other words, it’s pretty similar to how dating actually works in the real world. Since happn connects with Facebook, you’ll know what friends you have in common—and quickly poll all those friends to find out if this mystery guy/gal is actually a catch.It might even make you give someone a second chance.“It takes away some of the creep factor if someone you like knows them,” said Sargent.Happn has a function that allows you to send songs to your connections via Spotify.Basically, you can either give them the soundtrack to your love affair every time you cross paths or send them a newfangled digital mixtape with their name scribbled on the cover with Crayola markers.Since it’s based on your real life movements, happn on a Sunday afternoon will be drastically different from what you see on a Saturday night.

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