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Wander the La Candelaria district and fall in love amid the colorful streets, elegant churches and colonial architecture surrounded by the mountains of the Andino region. Monserrate, Bogota is over 2,640m (8,661ft) above sea level and holds a lofty spot as the world`s third highest capital city.

The Spanish-speaking population of over 7 million is easily attuned to living at altitude which shows in their high-spirited parties and Latin verve.

Twinned with Chicago and London, Bogota is among the top cities of progressive urban areas in the Americas and boasts a world-class nightlife and head-rush of entertainment options.

Bogota was first established in 1538 by Spanish explorer and conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada.

Named after Bacata (planted fields) and later Santa Fe de Bacata , the area became of great importance to Europe for its wealth of gold, minerals and other natural resources.

It was soon made capital of the New Kingdom of Granada which covered the northernmost region of Latin America.

By 1810, the inhabitants, tired of Spanish rule, moved to overthrow their European overlords.

After a long and bitter struggle the city was taken in 1819 by celebrated military leader Simón Bolívar, who then made it the center of Gran Colombia.

Today Bogota is an urban colossus that serves up a real thriller for all tourists on the hunt for adventurous intrigue.

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