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OMB‘s fiscal year 2013 Portfolio Stat guidance identifies a number of planned improvements but does not fully address certain weaknesses in the implementation of the initiative, such as limitations in CIOs’ authority, weaknesses in agencies’ commodity IT baselines, accountability for migrating selected commodity IT areas, or the information on agencies’ progress that OMB intends to make public.

GAO’s objectives were to (1) determine whether agencies completed key required Portfolio Stat actions, (2) evaluate selected agencies’ plans for making portfolio improvements and achieving associated cost savings, and (3) evaluate OMB’s plans to improve the Portfolio Stat process.

To do this, GAO analyzed plans, status reports, and other documentation from agencies and interviewed agency and OMB officials.

GAO also interviewed officials and reviewed documentation from five agencies selected based on their IT expenditures and management structures.

The 26 major federal agencies that were required to participate in the Portfolio Stat initiative fully addressed four of seven key requirements established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

However, only 1 of the 26 agencies addressed all the requirements.

For example, agencies did not develop action plans that addressed all elements, such as criteria for identifying wasteful, low-value or duplicative information technology (IT) investments, or migrate two commodity IT areas—such as enterprise IT systems and IT infrastructure—to a shared service by the end of 2012.Further, OMB’s estimate of about 100 consolidation opportunities and a potential .5 billion in savings from the Portfolio Stat initiative is understated because, among other things, it did not include estimates from the Departments of Defense and Justice.GAO’s analysis, which includes these estimates, shows that, collectively, the 26 agencies are reporting about 200 opportunities and at least .8 billion in potential savings through fiscal year 2015.Five selected agencies—the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, the Interior, the Treasury, and Veterans Affairs—identified 52 consolidation initiatives, along with other IT management improvements, and estimated at least .7 billion in potential cost savings through fiscal year 2015.However, four agencies did not always provide sufficient support for all of their estimates, and they varied in their use of processes—such as an enterprise architecture and a method for assessing the value of investments—recommended by OMB to identify consolidation opportunities.More consistently using these tools may reveal further opportunities for consolidation, and better support for estimated savings may increase the chances that they will be achieved.

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