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As we previously reported, the longtime actress and transgender activist passed away on Sunday, September 11. Not to mention, the late LGBT influencer was siblings with Oscar winner Patricia Arquette and A-lister David Arquette.Alexis' siblings have since commented on the untimely passing on Twitter (below).

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And according to Snow Patrol's Johnny Mc Daid, the British singer's upcoming solo music will "blow the socks off the world." Photo: Harry's Full Haircut Finally Revealed!

Describing Harry as "a really prolific artist and a super-talented guy," the musician explained to What breakup?

On Tuesday, Courteney Cox and Johnny Mc Daid proved that not only are they back on as a couple, but that they are still totally in love with each other. In fact, the twosome were all smiles as the walked the red carpet at the BMI Pop Awards. Video: Which Courteney Cox and Johnny Mc Daid are 100% back together!

“Matthew looks at courteney the same way chandler looks at monica and i don’t know what to do with myself,” one Twitter user posted with the photo of Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox looking at each other and laughing, side by side a photo of their characters Chandler and Monica, who were married on aired.

So of course they were still friends, and still are, but unfortunately that’s all.

However, the photo side-by-side, which was tweeted out on Dec.1, is pretty adorable since his face really hadn’t changed that much…but that’s because it was only a year later, not 10. 28 issue, where a source claimed that Matthew was “one of the first people Courteney called after Johnny left her.” The source went on to say that Matthew leaned on her when he struggled with addiction as well, but after her recent split she went over to his apartment to talk and “they ended up hooking up.” While sources have confirmed to E!now that the on-screen pair are together in real life, the Twitter world is going crazy — and we can’t really blame them.Do you secretly (or publicly) hope that Monica and Chandler would be together IRL?We can't begin to imagine what Alexis Arquette's loved ones are currently going through. Related: Former Disney Star's Cause Of Death Confirmed Alexis, who starred in various hits like , first started working in the industry at 12 years old.

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