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If we had to buy just one rope, this would be the one we would put our money on.

You can purchase it with three different coating treatments from Mammut, in a variety of lengths, and in regular or bi-pattern versions.

The 9.8 mm Sterling Evolution Velocity, weighing 62 g/m, hovers at the lighter end of our workhorse rope classification.

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We find that it provides the ideal balance of durability, smooth handling, and low weight while keeping the price relatively low as well.

This earns it our accolades for the best value climbing rope.

This rope can be used for any climbing discipline, from ice to difficult sport climbing, and is versatile enough for the well-rounded climber to bring along on every new mission.

We gathered a selection of nine of the top climbing ropes on the market, and after a healthy amount of unwinding and flaking, put them to the test by climbing as much as possible across multiple different climbing disciplines.

We cragged, aided, projected, whipped, climbed long multi-pitch routes, coiled, backpacked, and carried these ropes on long alpine routes.

From Yosemite Valley to the High Sierra, and Red Rock, Nevada to Kalymnos, Greece, we drug these ropes over granite, clipped them up limestone, and rapped over sandstone.

Ultimately, all of the ropes in this review are safe and successful pieces of equipment.

So we paid careful attention to the small details a user would notice, which allowed a few ropes to edge ahead of the others in our tests.

The 9.5 mm Mammut Infinity wins the Editors' Choice award because it is one of the most durable and versatile ropes we evaluated, giving it the widest appeal.

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