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After the break up she found herself living with her best friend Hannah in Chicago engaging herself so far in her sport that people had to physically kick her out of the gym just to make sure she remembered to have a life.

Malaia is a 24 year old just trying to make it past a particularly bad break up. Well, there's her long line of star pro hockey family members from her dad and uncle to her cousins, her international stardom in her sport of rhythmic gymnastics, and, well her ex, Sidney Crosby.

Story title inspired by the song "Perfect Score" by State Champs.

When Sid sees her it's like the world stops spinning and she's all he sees. Seeing them in the shower, catching glimpses as they changed (never on purpose though).

It's like now he knows the meaning of life, and it it's her. Watching them kiss their girlfriends or wives, wishing to perform those same actions on them .. Geno and Alex are foreign exchange students to Shattuck-Saint Mary's, sent to be stars on the school's hockey team.

It feels like the only reason he was put on this earth was to protect her. Or The adventures of Sid and Geno and their teenage daughter He sometimes has ... A team where the famous Sidney Crosby is the team's sole captain. His life has always been about showing dogs and perfecting the breed. When he was sixteen he competed in Europe in an invite only show. There are mirrors that show who I am but that’s not right. It’s a reflection that’s off, showing this boy, not me.

So what happens when Sid catches Geno's eye, but the Canadian loner wants nothing to do with the freshly popular Russian? Unbeknownst to him who he met would change his life a few years later. I have to take care of this cage, keep it strong, keep it healthy.

This is a view of Sidney's life as an Owner/Breeder/Handler in the competitive world of dog showing. I have to make it impenetrable, make it something that I’m aware of and able to manipulate and use to my own end. Sid has done some pretty foolish things in his life, and he knows that trying to keep Geno, trying to keep himself, from having this will result among the worst of them.He feels incredibly lucky that he has people in his life, that he has Mario and his mother and Colby, to be there to help him when he’s too far in his own head to see the error of his ways.This is a story in a universe slightly to the left of ours where two boys who happen to play hockey fell in love while taking the summer of 2005 off in Amsterdam.Oh yeah, it's also about how they find each other again when one of them is trapped in Russia and the other is busy being a hockey-bot.All is right with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby.Crosby denied rumors Wednesday night that he and team owner Mario Lemieux were feuding.

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