Dating a female triathlete

"But since then I’ve heard of others who’ve been refused so I wanted to share my story now.’ The humiliation followed years of doubt where Jo wrangled with his emotions.

But after watching Channel 4 television series My Transsexual Summer in November 2011, Joanne realised she was transgender.

He says: "I didn’t really know what it meant to be transgender but this TV show opened up a whole new world for me.

"I didn’t know who to speak to about it but I found a youth support group in Sowerby Bridge and met up with them.

A transgender man claims he was refused a haircut in a barbers.

Jo-James Booth, 25, who was born a female called Joanne, but now identifies as male, was shown the door the very first time he went for a haircut after transitioning. I had shoulder-length hair and I’d finally made the decision to have the chop.

"I walked into a traditional barber’s and asked for a number two, but they told me they couldn’t cut my hair because I was female and this was a male barber’s shop.

" I was shocked and humiliated – it wasn’t what I expected and I said something about it being discriminatory but then I left because I was so embarrassed." The incident occurred four years ago when Jo was beginning his transition.

Jo, who was born in Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, says: "It was a real set back.

It knocked my confidence and I even began to doubt whether I should transition at all.

"It took me months to buck up the courage to try another hairdresser’s.

"I wasn’t sure of myself back then, so I didn’t make a complaint.

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