Dating a peace corps volunteer

“Kau Ngaue Ofa” is what the Peace Corps is called in the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga (where there have been volunteers since 1967 and still are, working in education and economic development). I learned this from a book I found at the staff office in Tirana.

They have several shelves in the lounge for a book exchange among the volunteers.

I don’t know the statistic for the survival of marriages among Peace Corps volunteers.

Whatever they are, it would be hard to be worse than for the rest of Americans.

I did know a few couples that had served together in the Peace Corps early in their marriage and it did seem that they had a special bond between them.

Even if that is true, it is hard to know whether that is due to the personality type of a volunteer or to their shared experience.

I did read in Scientific American that emotional bonds are strengthened by doing new things together, feeling vulnerable, sharing frightening situations or stressful physical activities.

The Peace Corps provides ample opportunity for all of those.Most of the relationships are with people outside of the Peace Corps.Volunteers are not allowed to have dependents, but extended visits from girl or boyfriends do occur.This can lead to early termination, but not usually initiated by the Peace Corps.One girl in our group left to be with her boyfriend who was actually serving in another country.She took a job teaching there, outside of the Peace Corps.

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