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"How a woman spends her own income after her children's needs are met shouldn't come under scrutiny," says Carolyn Edgar, a New York City lawyer, writer and single mom.

A Women at NBCU study found that 55% of single moms agreed to the statement, "I consider myself to be a very traditional mom." *Kayla, a single mom to a toddler daughter, couldn't agree more.

"I'm a nurse and my child attends day care, like all of my married mom friends.

As for the weekends, you can find me at mommy-and-me class and grocery shopping." Kayla says you wouldn't be able to pick her out as a single mom in a lineup at the playground.

Regardless of your marital status, motherhood is hard.

But single moms just may have it tougher, though not for the reason you'd think: Too often, they face tough questions and judgment just because they lack a spouse.

Don't want to be one of the people making life more difficult for these women?

Then avoid saying the following 10 things to a husbandless mother—plus, check out the below advice from experts and single moms in the trenches on how to rephrase questions if you just hard to date.""No kidding," says single mom *Lorie.

"Dating isn't exactly a walk in the park—even though I'm always there with my three-year-old daughter!

" As any single woman can attest, dating isn't easy, but a single mom has more obstacles—like finding time and babysitters for dates—when it comes to finding Mr. Rachel Sarah, author of says being concerned about your single mom friend's dating life isn't a bad thing, but it's better to offer help than to comment on how tough it is.

Sarah suggests trying to play matchmaker—does your husband have any sweet single guy friends? "I almost fell over when my neighbor asked how I can afford a nice townhouse and SUV as a single mom," says working mom *Lorraine. Recent census numbers show that half of all custodial single mothers work full-time year-round.

"Or offer to come over one night (with some wine) and work on an online dating profile together," recommends Sarah."How do you afford being a single parent? That number jumps to 80% when you factor in part-time working single moms with custody.

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