Dating adult stepdaughter cindy escalon dating

None of her family cares enough to help her with schooling, but that is not the point.

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Then one time when she was at our house (last year) she didn't listen to what I told her to do so I tore into her dad, he refused to talk to her about it so I told him that she is no longer allowed at our home. Since then I got rid of her bed and put a guest bed in the room, and I have been progressively throwing away her toys.

Since we just moved into our new home they are still packed up so no one ever knows the difference.

We moved another 30 to 45 minutes away from his parents house so by the time he gets off work on fridays he has no time to see her, and then he works saturday and then i let him go to sleep and don't wake him up so he dosen't go up there saturday until like 6.

I wanted to share my story because like all of you I hate my stepdaughter!

However, I took action and got rid of her, from my life at least.

I live with my fiance who had is 8 year old daughter every weekend when we first started dating.

A year and a half later he sees her 3 to 4 hours every other weekend at his parents house.

She is not allowed at our house because I don't want her too.

I moved us further away from his parents so it takes him longer to drive, and I got rid of her room in our 3 bedroom home.

She's an idiot, she'll be 9 this year and she can not even read and she's getting held back.

I think it's histerical and to think I actually tried to help her in the beginning.

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