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In this 2012 investigation, we surveyed over 5,000 single men and women (as well as over 1,000 married folks), asking them some 200+ questions. And for the third year in a row, has worked to understand them.However, we didn’t sample members; instead we polled a national representative sample, based on the US census.

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Included were the appropriate number of blacks, whites, Asians and Latinos, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals, men and women from every age group (21 to 71+), and rural, suburban and urban singles from every region of the nation.

Whether they research potential dates on Facebook; if they “hook up” with co-workers; how many times they have fallen in love; what they “must have” in a long term partner: we asked them just about everything.

The media portray long-term love and commitment as doomed.

But this three-year study consistently shows that American singles (including men) are earnestly seeking respect, trust, transparency and commitment in their relationships.

Single men still fall in love faster and want to “move in” together sooner; while women still want more independence, including more girl’s nights out.

But most singles in their twenties and thirties want to marry; and 90% of these believe they can stay married to the same person forever.

Indeed, since 2010, single Americans have become more sanguine about making a long-term, fulfilling partnership. presents Singles in America 3 Press Release: Singles in America: Releases Third Annual Study on the Single Population Infographic: How Singles Use Technology in Dating Videos: Singles in America: Predictions on how singles (and married people!

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