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We will indeed have the privilege to auction a unique collection consisting of, with an exception or two, the entire print production by Jo Delahaut.Composed by a close friend of the artist for over forty years, this exceptional collection gives an overview of the artist's career, from the first screen prints on canvas in 1952 until the last boards executed shortly before his death.

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You will also discover two works by Chéri Samba and an exquisite pastel by Hans Hartung from 1961.

The Design selection is remarkable by the quality of the presented objects.

Amongst the key pieces there is a long coffee table in walnut by Nakashima, a series of 12 chairs in walnut dating from the 1930’s by Eugène Printz as well as 4 extremely rare model chairs by Gaetano Pesce.

May, 23rd 2016 Shooting star of the Belgian Pop Art, Evelyne Axell left a strong and committed work that can be described as both sexy and playful.

Between the mid-60s and 1972, when she disappeared at the age of 37, the artist produced a body of work whose chronology reveals awareness, her exploring nature, and her status as a female artist.

While her early works deal with the representation of women in the media, her discourse evolves towards an imaginative exploration of her own experiences as a woman.In the late 60s, Evelyne Axell overcomes the influences of American Pop Art and becomes more adventurous, finding new techniques through her own approach to the "urban, industrial and advertising." She takes the stage, dressed as a voluptuous Eve, indulging the appetite of the viewer, without trying to excuse or justify the intensity of her own desire. They proclaim autonomy and women's self-determination, without the tone of the activist.The three works on Plexiglas that Cornette de Saint Cyr presents in the Belgian Art sale are emblematic of this approach, they upset the image of women perceived as a territory to be colonized or consenting objects of male fantasy.A far cry, indeed, from the images of sexualized women, extracted from trivial commercials and the magazines that are dear to Pop Art.For Evelyne Axell, this is a way to engage in the emerging movement of women's liberation.Mon 23rd May 2016 pm Chaussée de Charleroi, 89 1060 Bruxelles May, 23rd 2016 In the wake of the Belgian Art sale, Cornette de Saint Cyr will present a memorable selection of works.

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