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Grouse Guitars - your vintage guitar, bass and amp dealer. Probably only 5 or 6 watts, so it sure won't blow your quadbox!

Click the 'back' plectrum to go back to the previous page, or click the "Grouse Guitars" nameplate above to go directly to the Grouse Guitars homepage. - went to Indra 1951 Fender Pro Amp - Here's a fantastic TV-front vintage Fender amp from the golden period. - selling for less than the price we paid - went to Tony 1957 Magnatone Custom 280 Double V - the legendary amp with true stereo vibrato.

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Awesome condition, awesome vintage tone, awesome originality, right down to its faux alligator-skin tolex and Jensen speaker! Built (almost certainly in Sydney) in 1955, and possibly an extremely early Moody. Why bother with a Fender® Champ® when we have homegrown tone like this?

- went to Murray 1954 Stradivarius Special Aussie-built valve low-wattage combo with 1x8 inch Rola. The smaller brother to the 1x12 version, with the same tolex, grille etc!

- went to Martin 1958 Maton Mastersound 15-watt EL-84 amp - How cool is this! Sounds great too, and complete with its original white-cone MSP speaker!

Effectively an early Aussie single-channel AC-15 clone!

- went to Derrick 1959 Maton Mastersound - a delightful very early Maton Mastersound amplifier, with about 4 watts of glorious single-ended tone feeding the original 8" Rola Alnico speaker.

Unbelievable tone for studio work, and incredibly collectable.

- went to a collector in Sydney 1959 Maton Mastersound Tremolux 30X amp - a really nice-sounding 2 x EL-34 guitar amp.

Previous long-term owner fitted 2x10" Celestions in place of the original 3x8" drivers. - went to Shane 1959 Goldentone 30-40 watt 2x12 combo (EL-34) - as amazing old Goldie, built before they settled on their eventual family of amps using 6DQ5 and 6DQ6 output valves.

This uses a pair of EL-34s (and an EF-86 pre-amp) to give some really great Aussie-flavoured British tone.

We've just spent a heap on this beauty, and you have to hear it to believe it!

- went as soon as it returned from our tech to a new owner in Sydney 1960/61 Echoplex EP-1 tape echo - this is one of the original Echoplexes, with a very low serial number suggesting 1960 or 1961 manufacture.

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