Dating characteristics capricorn woman

If you are looking for a sign that hosts all sorts of personality and attitude contrasts, you can’t go wrong with a Capricorn specimen.Just as water is different from land, most Capricorn women possess a ‘hybrid’ personality that has two conflicting sides where one particular trait is dominant-most of the time.However, it only takes a few drinks, a particularly bad day, or just the right combination of events for the other side of the Capricorn woman you thought you knew to come out. As mentioned above, Capricorn women, like females of all other signs, are rarely ‘pure’ goat or fish Capricorns. It is not unusual for even the hottest-looking and seemingly confident and ‘well-put-together’ Capricorn to ask her girlfriends if she’s pretty enough, smart enough, or worth hanging out with.

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Dating characteristics capricorn woman

It is not uncommon for a Capricorn woman to both feel they are quite good-looking while feeling they are often the girl who doesn’t get asked out to the dance. It’s not unusual for a seemingly nervous or shy female Capricorn to turn into an all-out beast in bed just because you threw some lines her way that appealed to the highly conceited side of her persona.

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If there is any one stereotypical image of the Capricorn woman personality, it is the idea that they are all driven, ambitious, and ‘in it for the win.’ Interestingly enough, even the women who have these traits are grappling deep inside with the part of them that want to just blow off work and hit the latest beach.

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Among the 12 signs of the horoscope, the Capricorn profile is one of the most interesting when it comes to personality extremes.

You can’t assume a Capricorn female will live up to the full ‘typical Capricorn’ profile just because she was born within the dates covered by this astrological sign. Perhaps to a much greater degree than the other eleven astrological houses, the House of Capricorn exhibits many, shall we say, ‘contradictory’ traits.

This should not be a surprise, after all this sign is named after a mythical beast that is part goat and part fish.

Capricorns with their goat aspect predominant often fit the stereotypical image of a Capricorn female: driven, ambitious, unsentimental, focused on common sense, tends to gravitate towards material reasons or material rewards.

A Capricorn woman who has a dominant fish aspect is usually the exact opposite of ‘typical’ Capricorns.

Emotional, focused on the arts and spirituality, they’d prefer spiritual or emotional rewards or material ones, idealistic, and other traits you’d normally expect from, well, a water sign.

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