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This is one of those questions that you’re never going to find a definitive answer to from women or from people in general.

No matter how many women you ask, you’re only ever going to get an answer based on their personal experience.

For example: If a woman has had a lot of great sex with uncircumcised guys, she will say that uncircumcised is better.

Yet, the great sex would have been as a result of the guy’s confidence and technique in the bedroom, not based on the fact that he still has a foreskin.

Most women know that and if you ask them, they will tell you that their overall experience of sex with a guy usually has very little to do with his “man parts” and everything to do with “the man” himself.

Most circumcisions are carried out on baby boys for religious or cultural reasons, but some men elect to be circumcised in their adult years for a variety of health reasons.

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