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Yankee started hanging out with the rappers and DJs at the club, and there he met the DJ/producer Playero, who gave him his start, featuring the budding artist on the 1992 album Playero 37, and who helped him with his full-length debut album, No Mercy, that was released in 1995.

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Daddy Yankee Becomes Star With ' Barrio Fino': Barrio Fino owed its phenomenal success to two singles that kept the album at the top of the charts for over a year.

Surprisingly, while “Gasolina” made it to the top of Billboard’s "Hot 100" and even today may well be the single that non-Latinos associate with reggaeton, the album’s phenomenal success within the Latino community was “Lo Que Paso, Paso.”With “Rompe” from the 2005 album Barrio Fino en Directo, Daddy Yankee became the worldwide name associated with reggaeton.

Barrio Fino en Directo was released under his own label, El Cartel, and quickly reached platinum status.

Ramon (or Raymond) Ayala was born in Rio Piedras, an area of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

His father was a percussionist and his mother a manicurist.

Under the influence of an island that often identified itself with music and a musical family, Daddy Yankee had been singing since he was young.

But it was in the streets around his boyhood home at the Villa Kennedy housing project, an area redolent with Spanish-language hip hop, that the young adolescent Ayala began to rap.

Early Days: In the early 1990s, hip hop was overshadowed by Spanish reggae coming in from Panama and rather than make a decision for one type of music over another, Yankee and like-minded friends began to rap over the popular dancehall music, creating a new musical fusion that over time was named reggaeton.

From his experience with the active street life around him, Yankee had plenty to rap about.

For instance, the budding performer had originally hoped for a career in baseball, but when he was 17, he was inadvertently caught in the middle of a barrio shoot-out and was shot in the leg, ending his professional baseball dreams.

Daddy Yankee Records First Album: While hip hop and rap were still underground movements in Puerto Rico, there was one club where the new fusion was welcome called The Noise.

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