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- On Halloween Night and things and feeling spooky, what scares you most?

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A) 221750be666f1d0711f5686cff3fc6 B) y C) 32d7cb0d1552b824367d78d904678b D) 3c270e49c3b157b5ca6151ef4a93ef- What do you do in your free time? I know mostly all of them revolve around pop, but just pick one. I'm Zia (Թ Tatjana i SvjetlanaԹ), and you may know me from other quizzes. What do you do (assuming they listen to you and don't punch you instead)?

(pick the one closest to you) - The teacher calls you out for talking in class. - You jump in to break up a fistfight that seems to be stirring.

You try to concentrate for the last of the cl- Ok interesting, now if you could describe yourself in 3 words what would they be? - On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being timid and 5 being a boss), how confident/badass are you? - Actually I knew that, I was just testing you : P Anyways!

- Ok so lets do a quick little cheesy role-play, You proceed through the school gates as a gush of excitement began to run through your veins, your fir- Scenario number two, Your in 4th period English, its almost lunch 20 minutes could you last that long?

Nick Robinson- I don't know about you, but he's just soooo f*cking delicious to me Colton Haynes- He is one of my personal favorites so your ovaries better do something Dave Franco - So first and foremost, what "type" is your ideal lover?

After talking to Victoria of f(x) about her virtual marriage with 2PM‘s Nichkhun (yes she would date Khun in real life and they sometimes text each other even when not shooting), the conversation turned to Hwang Bo.

MC Kang Ho-dong asked her if she was still in contact with her former virtual shillang, Kim Hyun-joong.

Her answer, he had only contacted her once after the show to wish her a happy birthday.

That ripping sound you just heard was mine, as well as every other Joong-Boers’ heart breaking.

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