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My lips and mustaches were double-sided and I inserted the crafting stick in the middle so it was covered, because I’m OCD like that and can’t have the stick edge showing.

I made these props using a free lip and mustache printable (similar to the ones found here), construction paper and a thin crafting stick. And a few guaranteed laughs for sure 🙂 What games do enjoy playing at Bridal Showers?

Guests will hold up lips if they think the bride said it, and the mustache if they think the groom said it.

For this shower my partner in crime read the questions, and I read their responses.

Decide ahead of time whose answer you want to read for each question, or you can even read both answers if you like each of their responses, which was often the case for me.

Then you need to have the list of questions and their responses to read off to the guests at your shower.

I love playing games where you get to know a little bit more about the Bride and Groom, and their relationship.

There is no better way to do this then by asking them each a series of mostly funny questions, with a few practical ones thrown in!

I did not come up with this list of questions on my own.

It has been passed down to me by friends, and used to entertain guests at bridal showers for centuries I’m assuming 🙂 This is just my spin on it.

Feel free to tweak the questions as you see fit for your shower.

Pie and ice cream, cake and ice cream, or just ice cream?

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