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And until you recognize this, these six low self-esteem traps will poison all your relationships, at least they poisoned all mine. The Everyone-Thinks-What-I-Think Belief What you think about you is not what everyone else thinks about you. It’s no fun knowing some people don’t like you or disapprove of something you said or did.

No matter how ugly, stupid, weird, or unlovable you think you are, I am here to tell you that you are loved and you deserve it.

Maybe some people don’t like you or make fun of you. But you have to decide that the track you hear in your head is wrong.

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I have learned that it’s not about silencing that voice as much as it is choosing to ignore it, to NOT believe it. And if you want to have healthy relationships you must too. The Self-Thinking Spiral Low self-esteem is driven by, among other things, an over awareness of self. Not everyone is whispering nasty things behind your back, or laughing at the way you look.

It’s been 14 years since I had my first major breakthrough with my self-esteem, and I still hear “You’re weird. There was once a time in my life where I convinced myself that everyone was always judging me.

Come to find out, most people were doing just what I was doing, wondering if anybody noticed them or liked them. The Timid Love Syndrome Everyone is looking for love.

Stop worrying so much about what others think of you and start loving them. You can spend so much time wondering if anybody likes you, that you forget that everyone else is asking the same question of themselves.

I used to avoid the center of a room, thinking everyone would stare at me.

I would cover up my elbows, afraid everyone would point and laugh.

Then I realized, nobody really cared about my elbows or my butt or my bottom lip (yes, I had a problem with that too). When I learned to think about the emotional and relational needs of others, I found myself surrounded by friends.

Be bold with your love and you will find others will be bold with their right back. “I Deserve Bad Treatment” You don’t deserve to be abused. Whether its physical, sexual, or emotional, nobody deserves to be abused.

The first emotion abuse victims typically feel is worthlessness.

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